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” Here she looked at Alan. “I wish to accept Alan Glanto’s union promise, if after this he still wishes to. Before all assembled, before my fami...y and friends, I now declare myself as Hopimer, First Princess of the Fairixie home world; next in line for the throne.” Here she looked at Alan, “I know you have to decide you have a day then either way the waiting ends.Hopix now Hopimer lowered her voice as she spoke to Alan, “I love you with all that I am my love. I’ll understand if you reject me.”. Just like what I had in my basket.Still, it seemed too much, I've already gone farther than I'd everdreamed this weekend. Maybe the quick use ones, they looked like theyused much less powerful adhesive, though they were shorter, why botherdoing it if they weren't long enough to notice. I stood there, trying tolook like I was investigating the cotton balls one shelf over while Icast surreptitious glances at the fake nails and tried to decide. I wasgoing to start looking weirder standing here. They shared a bottle of red wine and let the hours slip away as they talked and kissed and laughed and fell ever more deeply in love with one another. At around midnight, Lyndsey reluctantly broke their unspoken agreement to not acknowledge how late it was getting. “I should probably get going; let you get some sleep.”“Yeah,” Derek replied, trying to mask his disappointment, “I’ll call you a cab.” He wanted nothing more than to ask her to stay, if only to look at her for even five more minutes,. Unar haat duto uchu kore dhore unar bogole amar nakta rekhe unar gayer gondho shukte laglam. Ki shundor perfumer ghraan. Unar bra ta khule fellam. Brata khule feltei kochi daber moto boro dudhgulo beriye elo. Ami dui haatey duita dudh 1sathe tipte laglam. Amar dudh tipanite madam khub aram pete laglen r bolte laglen “hmmm…uummmm jorey jorey tipo. Aro jorey…kottodin por ei dudhe kono purush manusher haat porlo.khub aram hocche…aaahhhh..jorey…aro jorey dao.” Ami utshaho peye aro jorey jorey duita.

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