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I couldnt believe how submissive I felt. I was whimpering butno longer resisting her stinging smacks. I knew she was in control and Iwas just going ...o have to accept my punishment.When she stopped spanking me I felt her reach between my legs and pullout the butt plug. She threw it in the sink."You're going to wash that butt plug! sissy Ok sissy Danni?" she asked.I nodded vigorously. "Ok, now stand up and go back to your sinkposition!"I did as I was told and washed the butt plug completely. Suddenly Kate stood and facing away from Pete she lowered her pussy onto Petes cock. Oh, baby your cock is so hard I want you to fuck me with all your might. Pete didnt need asking twice and began humping Kate like there was no tomorrow. Pete moaned louder and louder before going red in the face and then slumping back on his seat. Kate stood and as she did so I could see sperm dripping from red pussy all over the floor and settee. Kate stood in front of Tom and inserted her fingers deep into. Would you like to be sucked,lucy said,i told her to go ahead,and at that,she began to lick and suck the length of my hard ridgid cock,i was trying not to shoot my load,whilst lucy held the base of my cock,her hot wet mouth going up and down over the head of my cock,her other hand massaging my tight heavy balls.The excitement of what lucy was doing to me,was too much,i warned her i was very close to cumming,thats ok she said,just let it happen,dont hold back,i want to taste your hot cum in my. I'D TOLD ONE OF MY CLOSE FRIENDS ABOUT SHAGGING FIONA AND TOLD HIM WHAT A SLUT SHE'D BECOME. HE WAS UP FOR IT STRAIGHT AWAY AND SAID HE COULDN'T WAIT TO FUCK HER OLDER MILF PUSSY. I TOLD HIM NOT TO SAY TO MUCH AS WE ALL LIVED IN A SMALLISH VILLAGE I COULDN'T RISK MY MISSUS AND THE REST OF THEIR FAMILEY FINDING OUT.MY MISSUS HAD GONE ON YET ANOTHER WORK CONFERANCE SO I ARRANGED A NIGHT ON THE PISS WITH THE LADS. ROUND THE TOWN, KEBAB, THEN FUCK FIONAS PUSSY. I'D SET IT UP FOR FIONA TO PICK.

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