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I'll go and find somewhere to sit because I want to have a chat with you."Mark collected a lemonade for her and a beer for himself and joined her. She...was sitting on a sofa in one corner of the room and patted the seat beside her. He placed their drinks on the occasional table in front of it."You dance very well, Mark. I enjoyed that." Thank you, Mrs Holdsworth. Much against my will my mother made me go to private dancing classes my last year at school. I'm actually very grateful now."Mrs. "Wider!" she ordered. "And stick out your tongue." She took firm hold of his chin and pressed a corner of the bar of soap against the inside of his cheek until the other corner of the soap had room to clear his other cheek. She then moved her free hand around the base of his skull so that he couldn't easily pull away. Then, with a fluid, delightfully satisfying motion, she shoved the bar into his mouth. "Bite down on it," she said as she continued to push the bar against his mouth.Roger. She turned round and began to lick her pussy juice off of my face. "I want you in me" she whispered, she lay on the desk on her back and moved to the edge. I rubbed my rock hard cock on her pussy lips and then i went in. slowly at first, and she moaned in delight. I began to move my cock in and out and the moans got louder, from both me and my boss. As i fucked her, her tits moved up and down and smacked together making a slapping noise which just turned me on even more. I could feel my self. "John took the paddle and sat down on the chair. "Josie come here." Josie walked over and stood before him. He sat back in the chair and Josie positioned herself over his knees. The first blow was soft and unsure."John if you don't spank her sufficiently, she will be spanked at the assembly in front of the entire school."John was still unsure but he was sure being spanked in front of the entire school was not something Josie wanted so he began again. This time the paddle hit its mark hard..

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