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I keep telling her to get out and do something, but she says school is more important. I just don’t get her.” “It’s only been a week, Had. Yo... are a person of interest, I’d be curious too. “ “I’m no more interesting than she is. We talk, have coffee and everything else. I can’t help that I want to get outside and look at the buildings or go to an art gallery. Which, by the way is it just me or is everyone ridiculously nice here?” “What do you mean?” “The other day, I was walking around and. She’s always loved to watch, and she follows your eyes signaling towards Cassie’s fat tits with a nod. Oh good, she noticed them growing, too.Cassie lets off a moan as she slowly takes you in, inch by inch, her swollen pussy slowly massaging you and eliciting a moan of your own. Spurts of pre-cum fire off into her, a small curve already forming over her stomach as she finally takes you in completely. Then, she begins to start to thrust her hips and bounce up and down your shaft, her wet pussy. MINTHUS - I woke up sitting against a wall, feeling a freezing cold, I tried tô get up... Then I realized, my arms and legs were caught in iron chains. That was strange, even for a dream it was strange, because it had a smell, a musty smell, without forgetting that I felt very cold.I got down on my knees and got up scared, only then I realized I was barefoot. Stepping on a floor of black polished stones, the chains held me tô a wall in the same dark color. There was only light in the center,. Steve gave Molly a few deep thrusts and moved back to Kim’s tight little twat. Molly being frustrated moved up to plant her soaking pussy on Kim’s open mouth. She reached over and untied Kim’s hands so she could use her talented fingers as well. At first Kim was so into Steve’s massive feeling dick in her quivering cunt that she didn’t see Molly’s moist pussy descending on her face. When she felt her hands free she pushed Molly back and screamed out to Steve, “Oh my god you feel so huge inside.

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