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WAY stronger than mine and the gooeyness made it hard to swallow, but I did. Hard to swallow or not I quickly scooped up as much as I could, pinched m... nipple again and came.I slid off the couch to floor convulsing in my new hardest, deepest orgasm ever. It was an indescribable orgasm and taste. When I opened my eyes, HE was standing down the hall looking at me. I could see his evil grin from there. Then he went into HIS bedroom. I got up and scurried to my room thinking I would be listening to. "What were they doing?" Drooling over the latest tabloid pics of some celeb a paparazzi caught topless while on her honeymoon." I stroked Kathy's slit gently before turning back to Greg to run my fingers over his chest. "That's such an invasion of privacy! So I stripped to ask 'em what she's got that I haven't." Bigger boobs?" Greg suggested, giving my right tit a pinch that snapped it to attention. My left demanded equal time, which he happily provided, while I fondled his prick, rapidly. ’ he lied, seeing an opportunity to be alone with her without arousing suspicion. ‘Okay,’ she giggled and stumbled towards him. He guided her instead to a bedroom and sat her down. ‘Hey, I think you need to get your head straight. I’ll wait for the alcohol to wear off.’ And with that she flopped on the bed…with her ass high in the air and exposed, showing me the bright pink thong she was wearing. My mind became boggled but snapped as I heard her voice. ‘Take a picture, it will last longer,’ she. " He walked to the man and held out a hand."What, want her for yourself?" sneered Troy.He stood alone.Simon just waited.Troy glared at him for a moment, then abruptly dropped the remote to the floor and stomped to two women in a corner, his back pointedly turned.Simon sighed and bent to pick it up, careful not to drop her." ... I can walk," she suggested tentatively, afraid he might still be mad. "I'll walk if you want me to." Yeah," he said, not looking at her. "But it's slow going with a.

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