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She was good friends with Johannah, whom introduced her to James after three days into the first Storm. She was sucking his cock before he had even h...d a chance to ask her name. She was tall and beautiful, with fine-chiseled features, constantly wearing hoop earrings that accented her almost perfect face. Since the first Storm, she had been by his side, with Johannah, each of them reveling in their juices."You want me to suck her butt plug?" She whispered into his ear. "Do want to watch me. I lowered my head as best I could and stopped struggling; I had to allow myself to try to understand what my choices were and what plan of strategy I would need to use to get out of this predicament I was now in. I could hear myself thinking and saying to myself that If only I could talk, I would make her let me go, but the GAG stopped me from saying anything but a few ineligible grunting sounds. If only I could have one hand free, but the handcuffs kept me so well confined that there was no. Truth be known, I had my mothers genes and her urges, and the minute she closed the door on us, I was wet enough to lubricate a football team, so when he slipped his hand down the front of my knickers, he found me all warm and wet, even my arse was lubricated enough, which was his preference, 'I don't want to be giving you a bun in your oven again', he groaned, as my bottoms fell to my shackled ankles and I bent forward to accommodate his cock up my arse, which he fucked until the point of. Not to Nathan.” She backed off and stood up again. Michael could see the regret growing in her eyes. She pressed her lips together, then nibbled on her bottom lip. She was obviously fighting for words, struggling to get her feelings straight, for she knew Michael was right, yet could sense that he as well was not entirely at ease with the decision to prevent this course of events before the boundaries to this outmost dire act of betrayal were overstepped. “Let's... uh... Let's just... err....

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