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I’d seen enough and headed for home.I saw an attorney, got the bad news and started things up to end my relationship with Claudia. When I got off wo...k Wednesday I didn’t bother going home. I received a call from Claudia telling me that Billings had a meeting in Detroit first thing in the morning so they would be flying there from Houston, but she would be home the next day.I stopped at the Landing Strip to have a beer or three and see if Bobby was right when he’d told me that they had some. Your body getting used to the feeling of being stretched farther than ever before. Only a few strokes is all it takes until I feel you loosen up enough that I think you're ready. Are you ready baby? As I started in the beginning. I give you one finger, then two. There's a third, and finally a fourth. You don't feel near as tight as you did, so I introduce my thumb in there as well. But not before slipping it in your ass one time for a little added pleasure. Once the thumb is in there I cup. If you already have, dim the lights, relax and enjoy reading it as you wish!(Part 2 begins)I was suddenly awakened from my sleep when I felt some pain on my chest, and I opened my eyes to see Sunita nude, hovering over my naked body on the bed, pinching my nipples hard.“Hey, that hurts! Ouch!”, I said in a mock angry voice, while she just giggled.“I’m sho shorry, baby, I won’t do it again”, she said, while twisting those nipples as hard as she could.Let me introduce to you Sunita, my friend. I was starved and readily agreed. FirstI had to go to the ladies room.Quite a lovely ladies room in the Musee. I did my business, adjusted afew straps, refreshed my lips, even put another coat of mascara on,thought about inserting a tampon, but didn't, and I came back to Jacque,who smiled and said: "You look even lovelier after a stop for your femalemagic." I gave him a playful punch in the arm.We found a lovely bistro and enjoyed clams and mussels together. A littlewine was also enjoyed..

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