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“I like my life just fine, thank you very much. I have a good job and lots of friends. Besides, I can do most of that other stuff with my own money....If you want me to move out, though, just say so,” he said stiffly.Betty Lou realized instantly that she had hurt Tommy’s feelings. He was still not very good at hiding how he felt. She immediately pulled him into her arms, and for the first time she could remember, he didn’t joyfully return her hug. That little omission on his part made Betty Lou. I was curious to see how my wife would react to interracial porn, and specifically, BBC!I lay down next to my wife, and gently caressed her pussy as the first scene began. My wife's first comment was, "He has a huge cock!" I asked her how big she thought it was, and she said "12 inches." I ran my finger down her slit and she was soaking wet! WTF! She loves sex, but I have never seen her get this wet...and this after watching Biggz get his cock sucked for about 5 minutes!! We have. She weighed so little, making it so easy.Dana held on and complied. There was no surprise to her, like she had previously done this a number of times with me, and knew what would come next. Maybe she had. She might have experienced this before in a vision, or multiple visions.I stepped to the bed and set her on it. Her hands dropped down between us, and she stroked me. I considered letting her do that and more, but I couldn’t. I was too close as it was.I kicked off my jeans and then pushed her. .. Wha... What are you doing?" she asked in astonishment looking at Alexandra and Robert.It seemed their faces were still closer together than they had thought. Although for Alexandra, it felt like she was miles away from Robert's lips."Just talking." Robert said, seeing how it would probably take Alexandra an hour to come up with something.Joana's look went from her Dad's face to her friend's, not knowing what to think of this. Ivana and Sarah barely noticed what was going on as they came in.

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