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. " he said as he stand up and starts to take of her shirt his daughter still with a smile on his face when he drops her shirt " thank you daddy " she...says to him "baby please don't do this " he begs his daughter " but I have to daddy he's my master " she said as he took of her pants she stept out of it and walked over to James .She got on her knees in front of James and looked up to him " sit down Brian I want you to have a frontrow seat when I transform her into my sextoy " he says while. She was so turned on that she almost grabbed her cousin's hands and moved them down onto her cunt. She couldn't take much more of this teasing. But she cautioned herself not to act too hastily. Obviously, Dina knew just what she was doing, and she told herself to let the other girl take the lead.Lani spread her legs wider and concentrated on watching Dina washing her own hair and the back of her neck. It was beautiful, lustrous and dark-red with water drops glistening everywhere on it, and on. "Dani, I know you're only 16 and you have a lot to look forward to. I..."Whatever Mike was going to say was interrupted as gunshots rang out. Chairs, tables and things went flying as people ducked for cover. Men in masks were yelling for people to get on the floor and to hand over all their money and valuables.Mike looked around and knew things weren't good and he had to work fast. Two things came into Mike's field of vision, one was the big old chandelier in the middle of the room and the. " Sob. "Master."Master Jamie then proceeded to spank my ass with a paddle. It wasn't thehardest spanking I had received and I knew that he was going softly as hewanted to break my spirit not my body. The fact that the man I haddespised more than anything in the world was using me as a toy killed meinside. I knew I was Masters sissy his toy his play piece, but Master wasmagnificent this man was nothing but a cowardly weasel and I had to treathim with reverence.After 10 minutes of spanking and me.

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