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“It was just… you know what? Forget it.” She slid closer to him on the bed, her feet finding his. “Let’s talk about something else. I’m su...e you have a very impressive lecture about why it snows on Nix XV all the time.”“I do actually,” he said happily. “For example, Pond, did you know that ‘nix’ is the Latin word for snow, which means that at some point, humans must’ve come to this planet and named-,” he stopped and frowned, looking back at her. “Is that what you find so ‘annoying?’ The snow?. “She sure likes to take chances.” While I was planting the carrot row, I kept thinking about meeting Sherry in the barn. John would be in the North Meadow until at least four, but he could come back for something and catch us. The idea of meeting Sherry in the barn was exciting. I rushed to get the carrots planted. I’d have to leave by 3:30 to get to the co-op by four. I went to the egg refrigerator, got the eggs and put them in the truck and covered them with a tarp so that they would be kept. On reaching the hotel, Nalini filled the forms at the reception and they were provided with their room key. They had to walk quite a distance to their room as it was a separate cottage sort of rooms. This hotel is famous for its cottages as it offers privacy to everyone. There was no other room near their cottage. Both of them entered the room. As Nalini was settling the luggage down, Raj was taking a look at their room. It was a beautiful room and the walls were painted with nice texture.The. WTF?.J.J. was standing in the doorway of a room motioning to her.“What the fuck was John fucking here?” She thought to herself jealously as she hurried into a room where four men were going to fuck her.They got to fucking right away. The pizza boy had been in his truck waiting and she’d motioned for him to follow as she’d gone into the room. He’d been so nervous he came on her even before he could fuck her.She’d laughed, and took a drink off of Melvin's beer.“Next!”She’d cum a few times and had.

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