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It was hard for her to do. Finally she started to wear just a blue, men's oxford button-collar work shirt to bed. She would sit at her computer table ...o Skype. Rather than overtly show herself nakedly, she was a little more discreet about it. When she typed, she might turn herself a little. It didn't take much movement for the shirt to part and a breast to be exposed. Sometimes when she re-crossed her legs, Conrad would get a fleeting glance at her partially shaven labia. She had shaven the. Candy cries out as she falls, waving her arms blindly; her eyes still have not adjusted to the low light. Candy sprawls on the bed, lying on her belly, the wind knocked out of her. Strong hands grab Candy's head, pushing her face down, as her legs are forced apart. Candy can barely breathe with her face shoved into the mattress; she certainly cannot scream as a hard cock is forced up her arse. With no tenderness and certainly with no thought for her comfort, the cock saws in and out of Candy's. We embrace each other and the tension is just so high. Our hands are all over each other. We just can't stand it and remove our clothes. Your hands begin to explore my body, kissing my neck, ears and then your mouth is sucking on my nipples and your fingers begin to twist and pull on them.I moan as I am so aroused. Your hands travel down to my pussy which is very moist. I lay down on the chair and your fingers and tongue begin to explore my clit and pussy. Your fingers massage my pussy and it. You playing with yourself, while I fucked you ask with my strap on has got me so turned on. “I need you to fuck me” I say in a voice that sounds like I am begging. “Fuck me, here, in the water, now!” You laugh, “Not yet” you say, “I plan on playing for a while!” I moan at the thought of that, both in pleasure and pain. I want you inside me, but I know the things you can do with your tongue. And I can’t decide what I need more. “I’m all yours” I say, knowing that only good things are to come. I.

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