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I may be a bit of a bastard at times but I will always keep my part of any agreement I make. By the time I came out of the off licence she had her tra...ksuit top back on.Still smiling I handed her a 6 pack of lager, "I look forward to seeing you again, " I said with a leer. Without a word she grabbed the six pack from me, twisted around and forced the six cans into her duffel before turning and running away from me.Though surprised at her abrupt departure I continued my journey home, smiling and. He came to me to take the cup of tea from mine hand and he touched mine hand, i liked the touch. He asked me to bring some cold water so i went to kitchen and brought the water. He was no where in room so i went to bathroom and i was shocked to see him. He had removed his towel to dry his face and standing stark naked in front of mirror. He heard mine voice and so he turned around and what a situation, i saw his white dick in between his legs. I was staring at him. He came near to me and i ran. .. I moan... A finger traces the edge of my panties.. Sweet aching need.. It slips inside... sparks shoot to my feet. Gripping the sides of my panties.. tugging them down.. Last barrier gone.. hormones raging...no turning back now. Trailing soft kisses up my calves.. up my thighs... you stop.. With bated breath.. anticipation builds.. beaded sweat on brow. Parting my thighs...your hot wet tongue laps at my outer core.. My clit..I bite my lip..crying out..you suckle my hard nub gently. The. I told her to lie on the bed with her legs hanging off the side. After she laid down I leaned over and took one of her nipples into my mouth and gently ran my tongue across her nipple causing it to instantly become rock hard and her to softly moan. I teased that nipple for probably two more minuets before continuing on to the other one giving it a similar treatment. Then I slowly kissed my way down her perfect abs before reaching her treasure. I parted her legs and teased her outer lips before.

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