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.. PEAK...”The orgasm hit her full force. I watched the expressions on her face. Her face contorted in a mix of uncertain torture and supreme pleasu...e. This was the rapture – an infinite amount of bliss blasting through her body all at once. Every pleasure nerve in her body was simultaneously shooting signals to her brain to bask in the tremendous sensations any one alone could create a wonder.Brita fainted. I laid her flat on the sofa and got her a glass of cold water. I then sat holding her. My heady sensation was so intense that I had to lean against the door for a moment to gather myself, finding that it had a full length mirror on the inside. I stripped and then began the process of figuring out how to put on the lingerie. I started with the stockings. I put my thumbs inside one and bunched the length of the stocking up like I had seen women do in movies. Then I reached down and began pulling it up my left leg. The sensation was incredible. It felt slightly tight and. ‘Amazing, huh?’ she said softly. ‘Amazing,’ he reiterated before reaching out and taking her hand in his. ‘I continue to blame myself for a lot of things,’ he said, ‘but that night with you is not one of those things. Irrespective of what happens next, I want us to remain friends.’ ‘If you want,’ Ellie replied nonchalantly. He still wasn’t yet sure that everything was going to be okay, but, at least, she was talking to him now. It was a big improvement on the situation of an hour ago. He drank. We will meet you in Albert’s side office.”I looked back, “Stay here sir.”I used the palm lock before opening the door. I opened a private comm to Sergeant Harrison, “Smoky?”“I heard boss.”I smiled as I stood in front of the bank of displays, “Keep an eye on her Smoky.”I started doing checks on some of my hunches and worries and the screens flickered as I went through everything rapidly. I glanced at the door as the Colonel and Major came through. I opened a private comm to Tinker, “Tinker?”The.

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