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All the students are legal through the magic of chyoo. Just assumed they are senior or something. It is just a story folks.Debra Lafave was given the ...ob as a principle at a high school her old buddies use to own. That buddy retired. The school fit right up her alley. All the faculty members are women who think the students should learn more then what in the books. They should learn things of a sexual nature. The managed to keep what goes on in the school very secret for it is a private school. My mother, brother and sister wereon either side of him.?I don?t know what your problem is Bob but it stops now. Is this somesick thing you are into? Do you like pissing on yourself?? my fathersaid.?No, Dad. I?ve never done it before,? I said. ?I told you, Jim pushedme.??I?ve had enough of your crap!? he yelled. ?No more lies!?I was scared and I stopped arguing. I said, ?Yes Dad, it won?t happenagain.?He said, ?I know it won?t. Because from now on you are to only sit whenyou goto the. As they went she expertly outlined all the great benefits the institution had reaped from the moment they had allowed full female nudity on campus.“That would be just over twenty five years ago now” Mrs Bartell said as she lead them all back to the carpark.George Flynn was quietly admiring the swing of Katrina’s naked butt when he asked, “But what about the men? Do they get to go naked too if they want?”“Unfortunately, no” replied Katrina. “When I was a student here, now that’s going back a few. If Billy ever figured out our secret, he never mentioned it to me.My skill at all of the feminine ?arts? grew, largely because of Joan'ssupport and assistance. She would take me into her room and go over allof the tips and tricks she knew. I became completely passable as afemale. Joan even bought me everything I needed or wanted for mywardrobe, often at her own expense. She said that, being childless, itdelighted her to have a ?daughter? at last. I grudgingly accepted hergenerosity.My grades.

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