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She slowly lifted her son and followed me into the hall.After we settled baby comfortably in his swing, I called out for Bhargav.Bhargav came from kit...hen. His jaw dropped when he saw the naked Sushma.“Bhargav, call Rajesh and Anil and start servicing the lady” I told him.“But I am preparing lunch….” He mumbled.“Don’t worry. I will take care of it” I assured him. He went and called others.I introduced my husbands to her, she shook hands with them. I relaxed in sofa and settled comfortably to. He was so god-awful hot. And then just minutes later when she'd walked in on the two of us. On our living room floor.If there ever had been a half-hour I wanted to take back, to erase from my life, that was certainly it. He'd been out the door in seconds, leaving me to face my best friend and apartment mate. Still barely covered, speechless with guilt and shame, I sat there watching her. She wouldn't look at me. "I'm horrible," I'd heard myself say.When she finally turned to me, I could see a. I went to my usual spot, sat down to watch the video and stroke my cock through my shorts. It was nice to be out of the summer heat and just sit someplace where I could watch porn and every now and then go wander around to see what kind of trouble could be had.As I was returning to my spot a guy approached me and asked what I was into. I simply said "getting fucked" to which he replied "let's go". With that I followed him to a small booth in the back that had a chair, a throne if you will, and. Bhabhi ne panty nahiPahan rakhi thi, isliye mere haath sidhe bhabhi ki bur per chalaGaya. Main bhabhi ki bur ko apni angooliyon se sahlane laga.“Ye kya kar rahe hoooo…. Chhodo bhiiii tuuuum baaadee wooooHooooo…”Yeh kehte huye bhabhi ki jabaan ladkhada bhi rahi thi.“Are bhabhi mujhe bahut achchha lag raha hai. Thoda aur kar lene doNa,” Kaamp to mere hath bhi rahe the. Main ab aisa mauka nahi chhodnaChahta tha.“Aur kya…. Siiii… karna…. Ufffff…. Chahte ho… hiiiiii….” BhabhiKahtiJaa rahi thi aur.

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