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.Anyway, that finally set up what would be the best sex night of my life...About a month after that I went to see her...I picked her up and we got a room...We had a quickie, after that first licking, every time I seen her the first thing she made me do was lick her pussy real quick...No complaints though cause she kept it shaved and always wore a sexy pair of panties...There was an adult store a few doors down from the hotel and we decided we would just go in and look...She had never been. I then rinsed it off, with all my hair falling offwith it. She then told me to pat myself dry. Laurie opened the door tothe bathroom while I was drying off and set a pink, bikini cut satinpanty on the sink. She told me to put it on and then wrap the towelaround my chest, which I did. I went back to her bedroom and she told meto drop the towel. Laurie then told me to stretch my arms forward, whichI did, and she slipped a matching bra on me. The feeling of the bra andpanty on me was pure heaven.. After a week without even seeing a girl, tohave this beautiful young little thing, built like a wet-dream, rubbingherself against him was a double torture."Doug, please...!" he begged.The girl just giggled and licked her lips.God, did she have to look so HOT?She squealed in joy and slid down him, rubbing her face against hisincreasing hard-on.Mark sobbed and tried to break free, but...The girl tore open his pants and, shrieking her joy, plunged histhrobbing cock down her hungry little. You down with that?”“Definitely!”“Come sit on my lap,” Lamar ordered walking towards his recliner.Tyler knelt in front of the chair to suck Lamar’s throbbing tool. As he worked his head magically, he massaged the massive balls. Lamar groaned with pleasure. “Get it real wet, baby,” he pleaded. Tyler salivated causing it run down the meaty shaft. “Hell yeah,” Lamar chortled. “Now get on this dick.”Tyler straddled Lamar facing him. He grasped Lamar’s fat schlong tightly in order to position it at.

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