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The Hoddinots also went to the St Matthew Passion on Palm Sunday evening, Harry having got them and his parents tickets, but they only saw him briefly...afterwards.However both schools broke up the following week and Harry became a frequent visitor. They did a lot of walking both around Annette's village and on Salisbury Plain. With the birds nesting they were able to indulge their bird watching to the full. Harry was so knowledgeable that the book he had given Annette fulfilled a secondary role. “Tell me what your thoughts of the weekend are.” “Well first, I could not believe that after you told me to meet you for dinner that I actually did what you asked. Then when you exposed me to the waiter, I thought I would die right there.” I twisted her nipple while washing her left breast “sssssshhhhhh” she inhaled sharply. “When you undressed me in the elevator” she continued “I thought the chance of being seen before we got to the room was fairly slim. Ha, fooled me huh?” Mmmm.” She. "Oh, damn," she said under her breath, "and I was having such a good time, too." What's the matter, honey?" I asked, immediately concerned."Honey?" she asked, pulling us both to a stop. "You've never really called me anything but Missy before, John." I don't know why that came out then, Missy. It seemed natural to me, it's the way I feel, but I won't call you that if it bothers you."She cocked her head. "No, I think I like it, John," she said, giving me a glorious smile. "My father used to call. He loved hitting his mother’s tits. His hand zeroed in on one and slapped it as hard as he could.“OOWW! Tommy, Robert, I’ll do want you want, but if you take too lon-” SWAT!“Shut up, Mommy.” Tommy growled. “Now stand up and push out your tits!”“They’re too sensitive!” SWAT! “Ow!” The young boy had struck her sore face.“I said put out your tits, you fat cow!”SWAT! Robert slammed his palm against mother’s red ass. “I’m tired of your complaints!”“OKAY!” Joan bubbled with tears. Wincing before her.

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