Mumbai Beauty Fashion – 2

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We don't leave loose ends. Where's the other shoe?"Jaycee laughed and pulled the rucksack clear of Lauren's head, showing the other trainer jammed toe...first into the poor girl's mouth and tied there as a gag. Lauren shook her head trying to dislodge the shoe but without effect. Her complaints became progressively more excited and animal like as Harry grinned and congratulated Jaycee and the others.Harry and I pulled Lauren to her feet. Together we picked her up and pushed her into the back of. But, something was now different. When the girl moved, Pops' hand had slipped from her outer thigh and was now resting on the smooth skin of her inner thigh. Without thinking about what he was doing, he continued massaging the tender, soft flesh. His fingers were less than an inch away from his granddaughter's most sacred feminine treasure.Pops knew he didn't dare lay a hand on that forbidden treasure. No sir, this he would not touch! Oh no, he wouldn't! No way, no how would he touch her. But,. She reaches yet another orgasm, then she says to her man, ‘Allow me to please you. Allow me to give you what it is that you so enjoy.’ She takes his dick into her mouth, licking and sucking it just the way he likes, paying special attention to the head of his dick. She moves down to his balls to lick and suck on them and then she moves down to lick and fuck him in the ass with her tongue. Once she sees that he is satisfied, she asks him if he will take her from behind. She tells him she wants. About half way into the class, I felt a warm hand on my knee. I was wearing a dress that day. To my surprise i didnt move one inch. I wanted his hand to move up my silky thigh and rub my private part so bad. His caress made me weak at the knees. He moved his hand closer and closer and I was getting really hot. He finally reached my black lace panties and moved them to one side. I eagerly allowed him to. His cold fingers then entered me, he fucked me for the next couple of minutes with his.

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