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Inko dbadbakar inka size or badha do.Bari bari mai uske dono chucho ko chusne or dbane lga.Phir maine usk chut ko sahlana shuru kiya or uski chut ke ko sahlane lga.Kuchh time uke chuche chudne ke baad maine use sofe par bitha diya or uski legs ko kholkar uski chut ko dekhne lga jo ki clean thi and andar se red thi. Phir maine uski chut ko chatna shuu kiya.S: haaa raj mja aa rha h. Ahli barr koi meri chut chat rha h. Chuso isko kha jao sali ko bhut tadpati h ye.Mai uski chut ko chuste hue. As I sat down, I felt an odd tingling sensation deep in my belly. At first I thought it was just hunger as I'd missed breakfast. It took a few seconds to realise that it felt like what I'd experienced yesterday, the beginnings of sexual arousal. I squirmed on the chair trying to ease the growing achy itch between my legs. Martin was looking at me and smiling as he concluded his conversation. "What can I do you for Doctor Browne?"I felt slightly flustered and stammered,"Er... I need... er.... All I could do was moan loudly as this huge, brutal rude man ploughed his giant black cock into my ass.I was exhausted and collapsed forward onto the bed; lying on my stomach with my legs wide apart as Davon kept pounding my ass with no mercy.I could feel his warm breath on my neck and his weight on my body pinning me down against the mattress. I moaned loud with my face buried into a pillow.I was completely unable to move under his weight. He had me pinned under him in some sort of obscene. Viroria said shyly "Yes".She has a nice, shining dark skin with brown nipples and a curly black triangle in her lap, but the lips down there are shaven and show o rosy glimmer between them. In the beginning she found the whole operation rather ridiculous, giggled a lot and asked if it would take long to get over it.But she became quiet while the images on the screen gained her growing fascination. The expression on her face finally changed to serene tension, while her look became glassy and.

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