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Once that was off, she moved her hands up further and pulled down Holly's lace panties.Holly helped by stepping out of them and the bridesmaid handed ...hem to Ray as the entire room of 200+ people got a perfect shot of my new wife's bush, and I sat there unable to move, my mouth agape. Holly's parents sat down on either side of me. Over the din of the crowd and the music, her mother told me that this was the Bairns' family tradition going back over more than a hundred years and was also. Her breasts a little more than a B cup with large nipples.Lastly was Jill, Tina's cousin. Where Tina was slim with narrow hips and small breasts, Jill was short and stocky, with wide hips and large boobs that were full but firm. She also had a sly expression as she came up, shaking his hand as the men had. The all sat down after getting drinks and began talking and getting to know each other.Tina lay back, remembering all they'd gotten up to that night. She closed her eyes, envisioning it all,. Angie get undressed and then go out into the back garden to wait for us.” I stripped off. I was no longer embarrassed and felt positively horny as I removed my damp panties. We checked the coast was clear and slipped out through the back door to await our fate. I was flattered to see Mike’s erection twitch as he studied my body. Lisa took charge, “Stand there where we can see you Mike and you can see all of Angie’s delights. Angie bend over the patio table. Spread your legs more.” With that. He then took a riding crop and used it on her breasts, bottom and the backs of her legs, they must have been hard strokes as I could see lines appearing where the crop had struck. It took quite a time before she started to buck as the crop landed, sooner on her breasts, longer on her bum and legs. This woman could take a serious amount of abuse and the man liked handing it out. When she did start bucking, her breasts, their weights and the weights on her pussy started swinging stretching.

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