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Alex took his lips off her breast and looked her right in the eye, like he had something else on his mind. Jackie looked back at him kind of confused...."What is it baby?" She could tell he was nervous, Alex was always a shy boy. She noticed he had his look fixated on her mouth. "It's ok sweetey you can kiss me." As soon as she finished the sentence Alex's lips were on hers. She responded with her tongue and they started a passionate french kiss. Jackie hummed as her tongue clicked against her. “Em, no,” I stuttered, “I’m nearly finished.” I looked at her, the picture of innocence, dressed in a short blue skirt and white blouse. She was gorgeous, still the beauty that I’d fallen in love with, six years previously. Perhaps the skirt was a little tighter and shorter, than I’d realised, and she was showing a touch more cleavage, than she used to. ‘My God!’ she’d changed before my eyes, and I had missed it – I was taking her for granted. As she turned to walk away. I’d swear that there. ” I felt the candle moving inside me, twisting and turning, rubbing against my warm squishy vaginal walls, pressing against my special soft spot. The ice cube must have melted, because I felt quite a lot of liquid running out of my slit and down my thighs. Of course, it might not have been just melted ice. “Ah, Jesus fuck, I’m going to come,” I swore again. “Oh, I don’t think so, not yet anyway,” he said, and I felt him let go of the candle, leaving it resting inside me. I just wanted to get. She returns the kiss with a great deal of passion. Both of my hands find their way to Chrissy’s hair as our tongues wrap around each other, and I glance again to your side of the bed to see you returning Paula’s kiss with equally deep passion. Chrissy writhes against me with growing intensity and I feel her legs part wide open under me. My cock knows just where to go, finding the sweet wet entrance that so wonderfully surrenders to my pressure. Just at the delicious moment of penetration I.

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