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My fingers continued their exploration, stroking my clit then dipping back into that sweet honey hole for more nectar. I brought my fingers to my mou...h to taste. The smell of my own juices were intoxicating. My mouth gaped open and I sucked on my fingers, tasting the sweetness from my own wet pussy, smelling it. I quickly moved my hand back to the shaft of my clit, finding that sweet spot, rhythmically rubbing back and forth as my fantasies became more diffuse, Just hands touching me; hot. I stopped her hand. “I’m about to jizz. Stop.”She let go of my throbbing member. I had her lie down on her back. “I want to finger you. I want you ladies to love this afternoon as much as I do. Plus,” I added smiling. “It’ll hurt less when I fuck you.” . . . I pushed my pointer finger into Alana’s warm, moist vagina. I felt her hymen with my fingertip and pushed gently. It broke like wet paper. She squealed and squirmed for a minute. I looked at her with concern. She nodded and mouthed I’m. Soon we were out of the tub and we dried wash other off with the huge thirsty bath sheets provided and we donned hotel terrycloth robes. Our suite had a gas-log fireplace and so I lit it and we cuddled by the fire talking softly about nothing of consequence and we began kissing. I held Rosalind closely from behind and cupped her C-cups lovingly as I kissed the back of her neck and stroked her hair. As I lay dying one day, I hope that one of my memories is of Rosalind and of cupping those full,. "I am satisfied. I'm happy things are going well. I hope I haven't misjudged Brenda. It won't work out though, not if she continues being free and loose with her sexual favors." What won't work out?" Dad asked the question, but I wanted to hear the answer too."This reconciliation. Wasn't that the whole point of all this? Kenny and Brenda make such a cute couple. As long as Brenda is on the pill, I think there is little harm in them exploring with each other. We wouldn't want an accidental.

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