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Kalee was used to being the center of attention. An only child, she was raised to expect, if not accept, the flash of a camera was as common to her as...breathing.A striking mix of Hawaiian and Caucasian, she was always "cute," "adorable," "darling" or some such, and she gamely learned the fake but oh-so-adorable smile was all anyone required. The growing cynicism, much of it dark or outrageous, was never voiced.Kalee pushed the boundaries of what she knew to be acceptable. When she asked to have. The man who acted as a surrogate father to her daughter Haley.The change wasn’t lost on Veronica, and as I saw the warmth of her smile I wanted to just tell her two things, and two things only. “Veronica, I love you, I really love you.” Followed shortly by “Let’s not talk about Jill anymore.The next two hours Veronica and I spent in bed was without a doubt the most magical of times we’d spent together. I knew I still loved Jill and wasn’t ready to give up on our marriage, but I pushed thoughts. . you? Your own son? That's ... that's ... incest!" He accused.At his final word, her eyes rolled back."Incest!" She echoed."Incest, yes!" Duke repeated.The word bounced around the room like a beach ball at a concert.Perry, seated on a commode. Tammie braced against the stall entrance, facing out into the room, bouncing on her father's lap. "Incest!"Candice, pinned against the side wall, legs wrapped around Terry's waist. He held her ass in his hands, her arms circled his neck. He slid her up. It’s your bedtime too.”Melody started to say, “But Mommy…”Mom stopped her, turned her toward the stairs, and then slapped Melody on her ass.I told Mom that I was going to my bedroom too and I kissed her goodnight. I really wanted that blowjob that Melody had promised me. I wanted to finger her pussy again too.I was in my bedroom when Melody came in. She knelt before me and I lowered my pants and my underwear.She jumped back and said, “Your cock is gigantic.”I laughed and said, “It’s no bigger.

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