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I had shaved so my pussy was as smooth as when I first started playing with myself, only I was a little more filled out now.I unwrapped the carrot and...laying on the bed I began to slide it up and down my slit but was suprised at how cold it was.I regarded the carrot for a moment. It was the right shape and hardness for the job but the chill wasn't pleasing at all. I wanted it to feel like a real cock.I tried warming it under my arm and between my thighs but still it would not reach the right. "Hi," Julie said, calmly from the sofa.John tore his eyes from the TV and looked toward his wife. His mouth fell open, as he took in the sight of James sitting naked on the sofa with his arm wrapped around her shoulders and his hand lazily playing with her bare tit. Christy was sitting on the other side of him stroking his hard cock and was equally naked."What's going on here?" he said, not believing they would be so brazen as to openly flaunt their lewd behavior."Just enjoying a naughty. "That's some sexy ink you got back there, bitch. Good to know some of you sluts really embrace it. I'll be seeing you around, Candi."With that he shut the door. He called me Candi again. Finally I remembered the tattoo. There was a mirror on the dresser in the room, so I sat myself up on the dresser and craned my neck around to take a look at what the tattoo was."You've got to be shitting me" I said aloud as I finally saw the image permanently inked into my skin. It was my name... well, not MY. "So what's next on your list?" I pandered jokingly. "The kitchen sink? The pot hole in the driveway? The dishes?" I can tell by how early you got up, you want out.." laughing I tugged at the device wrapped tightly around his jewels. "The dishes?!! You said nothing about dishes!" Hubby said panicked. "I have what I need to fix the driveway..." he answered. "I'll need to head to the store to fix the sink." My eyes lit up. "In your cage!?" I leaned forward and licked what I could. "I think that's.

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