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I paused, hesitant to raise the issue again, but said softly, "Why can’t we adopt." I screamed at him. He sighed, rubbing his eyes. "I don't want to...raise someone else's baby, Akila. You never know to what kind of people those 'adoptable' babies are born, it could be any poor low lifes." I continued to cry softly as all avenues to motherhood were closed to me. It seemed I would never have a baby, and I felt bereft. Feeling more alone than ever, I curled around my pillow and cried myself to. It really was a beautiful place. My late wife had taken such care of our home, and I had tried to keep her gardens as she left them. I smiled and led Clarissa into my home.She looked around as I put our things away. Out of all three empty bedrooms, Clarissa chose the starkest. It truly was a guest room and neither of my two daughters had ever occupied it except for the odd occasions when our house filled with visiting guests. I marveled at the girl's intuitive perceptions. I also admired that. He flinched from Riddick at his smell, and muttered ‘shower’ under his breath. He half dragged, half-walked Riddick out of the room and down the corridor to a bathroom. Riddick looked around taking in the layout. He wanted to be ready to escape but his brain refused to work. They arrived at the bathroom. It was tiled in a utilitarian white with a sink, toilet and shower in one corner, and familiar to Riddick from his latrine visits. The man walked him to the shower stall and leaned him against. The look I saw was either total fright or total lust, I don’t know which, but judging from her moans and movement of her hips, it must have been the latter. I hoped it was the latter.I bent my head down to her ear and whispered into it, “Kristy, Sweety, do you know what we are doing?”“Uh huh,” she responded, slowly.“Are you sure?” I asked again.“Uh huh,” she replied again.I leaned down and brought my lips to hers and kissed her gently. She kissed me back and wiggled in closer. Then, rolling.

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