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This continued alternating until the boys were on the verge of cumming. George laid himself down on the floor covering, his cock sticking up to attent...on. Grace sat astride him taking his proud member into her hands and guiding it into her sex. She loved the feeling of that live flesh so hard and warm entering her body. She let it slide right up to the balls and then she moved her body up and down on it savoring the feelings and being in charge for once. However, she was born to be a submissive. His wife said stay there. She came around and ate my creampie. I was so sore but her tongue felt so good. I came again pushing my ass into her face.I saw Kate walking over with cum running down her legs. I guess she got what she wanted from the 2 boys. Vanessa came over a minute later dripping cum from her pussy.We all sat and talked. Kate once again with her legs bent but this time you could see the gape in her rosy red pussy fuck hole.Vanessa seemed a little exhausted her hair was a mess she. "A confused Mary cautiously spread her legs.Lisa took a French fry and slid it between Mary's legs through her pussy. Then she moved it to Mary's lips. "Here Mrs. C."The shocked teacher held her lips closed as she turned red at the intimate touch of her student and the thought of what she is being asked to do."Open wide Mrs. C. Now."Mary opened her mouth and Lisa stuffed the soaked French fry in. "Now chew Mrs. C."The horrified teacher tried not to throw up as she chewed the pussy dipped. She always wore western clothes that revealed her perfect figure. And she had a lot of kinks, which you’ll find out later in the story. She had a perfect build, somewhere between skinny and chubby. And her nails were painted black. Let’s call her Priya (I use that name for all the girls in my stories) Priya is a divorced woman, honestly, I’m still surprised how she is still single, any man would be lucky to have her. I met her while travelling in a bus, the seat next to her was the only empty.

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