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She started groaning as she remembered the rest. He must have known, she thought, that his son wouldn’t do or say anything after he returned only t... sit on the other lounger and stare at them. She was, impossibly, even more drawn to the father’s power than the son’s – and she loved Steven like no other. Yet she had no ability to refuse the father anything he might demand. The thought made her sexy, rose-colored nipples elongate even more and she showed them to her fiancée with pride and lust. ”“Well” she broke in, laughing, “You were certainly looking at them, and at me too, I saw you. All the girls saw you, and all of them were trying to catch your eye, I told you, they think you’re quite a spunk, did you think they were pretty….and sexy?”“Natasha!” I exclaimed again, my vocabulary suddenly very limited, “You shouldn’t speak to your father like that”“Sorry, daddy” she said, looking suddenly very contrite, “I didn’t mean to tease, but you did like them didn’t you?” I sighed loudly. ” Janine ordered. I watched Jim’s face as Ellie stripped. His eyes grew bigger as she removed her bra and dropped it on the floor. Then she put her fingers in the waistband of her panties and slipped them off. She almost seemed to be enjoying the experience. “Take off all your clothes, Jim.” instructed Janine. He knew he had a good body and he was flexing his muscles as he took off his shirt. I watched his trousers come down, revealing thick muscled thighs and finally, breathing deeply, he. " Nikki's mouth was open in disbelief trying to get the words come out. She swallowed hard and blurted out, "You gave him a blowjob?" sounding extremely agitated, "What do you mean blackmailed?" Katie looked over at Nikki, "He said he would show that picture," pointing to the computer screen of her sperm covered face, "to my work, friends, social groups, pretty much everyone I know," Katie hesitated, "If I knew I was going to be let go from my job I would have never sucked his cock!" in.

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