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It happened on my jiju’s b’day. I came to meet my sister, there I got to know it is my jiu’s b’day. I wished him “happy b’day jiju”Jiju:...thanks, where is my gift, you are wishing me without gift.Sis: what she can give. Me: I could have got something if I knew before.Jiju: I was just kidding. Don’t mind.After that my jiju went to the office. I and my sister were got into normal conversation. I expressed my sadness that I didn’t got a gift for my jiju. I and my sister were more like friends we. “Would you like to see more?” she said smiling down at me. I looked into her eyes, blaxingly erotic and her smile daring and welcoming me. Her blonde hair was piled up on her head, a few strands falling to her shoulders. The sun behind her filtered through, making her appear as a goddess. A goddess who had invited me into something I couldn’t deny I wanted to see.I nodded, exhaling a cloud of desire that hung in the air between us.She reached down and took my hand, bringing it under the skirt.. She quickly dismissed such a suicidal notion, realizing that if the fall didn't kill her, the barren wasteland of the desert surely would. The sail barge was still too far from any civilized settlement. Trekking through the desert alone and half-naked without water or supplies, she would perish within hours after the suns rose again.Leia knew little of this world beyond the stories Luke had shared with her or the warnings given to slave girls in the harem to discourage escape. Aside from the. It was nice winter afternoon, it was little cold outside my friend went out to bring his found and after a while his parents came to the apartment, i was little surprised to see them because my friend was not expecting them and it was sudden development, and i thought what will happen if this fellow brings his lady, so i told his parents he went out on work and will be coming home soon , and told them to relax till he comes back. i went outside near to the main road and was waiting for my.

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