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" You are not wearing my clothes!" she chastises me. "Just settle down,"she adds, "and this will be over soon." Sit," she commands as she waves to her...desk chair.A moment later, I'm sitting in her chair. I hear the crinkle of theruffles as I rest my ass on the cushion. I stifle my protests as sheapplies whatever creams and glosses and pencils she chooses to my face. Istare at her and wait. Twice in one day. Good show. I'm a regular dragqueen!"Done!" she chimes. "Come see!"I'm less interested. When your husband arrives you will not tell him about the filming, but you will cuckold him, leading him to believe that you want only to be fucked by black cock, while he watches. Once this final scene is completed, we will explain the situation to Eric, have him sign the backdated contract, and you will both be released, $50k richer.”Kneeling on the floor i stared in shock at the document, shaking my head side to side and imagining what Eric would think when he arrived. Max continued to. Kurt smiledabsently at her trying not to glance down at her large chest or overlyround hips for the thousandth time since they'd been paired, "yea, sorry,was kinda in another place there for a moment." Jenny frowned betweenglances at the road as they traveled in the suburban on their way to acrime scene. Her big brown eyes had the capacity to convey amazing (ifshort) wrath or soft warmth and when his eyes met her briefly he sawlegitimate concern. "Dammit Kurt, all you do is work! There. "I said SUCK IT!" he yelled. John opened his mouth and Tonyshoved his cock into it as far as it would go. John thoughthe would choke. Tony quickly shoved it in and out."Come on, bitch! Wrap your lips around it tight." Heyelled.John closed his lips tighter around Tony's cock. He couldfeel the rough skin and strands of hair as it went in andout of his mouth."Oh yeah. That's it!" He yelled.John was having trouble breathing. He tried taking breathswhen Tony was out of his mouth, but he came back in.

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