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She taunted me that she had still not felt any of my potency. I smiled, and slowly stared rubbing my had on her bare forearms. She moved away saying n... this is not proper. I did not say anything, and just continued with my drink.All of a sudden, the power got restored, and I got back to checking the TV set. It was working fine. Sujata was away to the kitchen fixing some more snacks. I thought of checking the set with DVD player, and went over to the kitchen to ask her as to where could I find. To ye baat sunkar aur garam ho gaya. Maine bade aaram se uske chudidaar ko utaara aur uske boons aur uske lips ke saath pyaar karta raha. Maine bhi apne kapde utaare main sirf baniyaan aur apne lower me tha. Aur wo sirf apne pajaama aur underwear ke saath thi. Main uske boobs ke saath 15 minutes pyaar karne ke baad. Maine apna haath uske pajame andar daalkar uske sharpner(choot) ko underwear ke baahar se sehla raha tha. Wo mujhe paaglo ki tarah dekh rahi thi sur usne mere lips ko pyaar se kaata. I even saw alittle silver tiara that I put on my head and I left the closet andwalked over and sat down next to Betty." Tears were streaming downHank's face.Dr. Finn was sitting on the edge of her seat waiting patiently for Hankto continue. Finally, Hank said. "At first she didn't see me since shewas crying so much. But then she looked over at me and at first, shesmiled and called out 'Amanda!' joyously happy as if her friend hadreturned. I stood up and tried to pose like a dancer in her tutu. " Yeah I know; I can smell the cigarettes as well. For now, we'd better do a little damage control; we don't need every bugger in the place to know that you've tied-one-on, they will want to know why. You stay in here for the rest of the afternoon; get your head down and try to sleep it off and I'll head off any visitors at the pass. We'll wait until they've all gone home this evening and then I'll drive you back to my place; you can stay there tonight. I'll call Vivian and tell her you've been.

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