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I lifted her foot and kissed it softly. “I love your breasts.”She gave me a wink. “Good response. Anyway. So, she’s been talking about somethi...g for months now and well…” Her hand touched the pocket of her sweats for a moment and then she started fidgeting with her fingers again.“What’s up?” I paused the show and turned towards her. “Come on, it’s obviously sitting on your mind.”Heather pulled the paper out and handed it to me. “Read what she gave me.”“Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time. ”“Hi Carla, I imagine Karen invited you? I’m glad you’re here. My daughter, Cathy prefers I wear my Speedo for her. This is my Granddaughter, Jessica.’“Such a beautiful baby, whose is she?”“Cathy is her mother and I just found out this morning that Jessica is ... my daughter.”Carla had to stifle an embarrassing giggle, “You got your daughter pregnant?”“It wasn’t intentional at least on my part. I didn’t know Jessica was mine until this morning.”“Hmm, that sounds rather naughty, you fucking your. When she finally broke the kiss I asked."Your a very good kisser, but that was kinda sudden?" I want you so bad Joe! I've been wet all day just because I knew you was going to babysit me" she said while rubbing her hands over her shirt directly over top of her nipples. I glanced down at them while she rubbed them, almost in a trance by this point. But I snapped myself out of it enough to say. "You know, I didn’t get to see those last time"She giggled and instantly removed her shirt, showing. Everyone else just kept their distance. Dr. Frank Hennequin brought over a bottle of champagne (authentic legal champagne from the French region of Champagne and prepared under the proper process) which was opened and consumed at midnight. He was rather shocked that no one else had even considered having a wine of any kind.Tim, having looked up Bobby Joe Mills in the telephone directory, was standing in front of the man’s house at 11:00 on this cold Wednesday morning. It was 46 degrees with a.

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