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“Stand up straight Molly, arms by your side, let’s have a look at you” I said and Molly did as she was instructed. “Hmm” I said as I surveye... her very plain dress sense, I ran my fingers down her shirt and felt no bra under it but I did brush her nipples which Molly reacted to by jolting back, I corrected her and told her to stay still. “Doe’s that feel good?” I asked as I rubbed my fingers against her nipples and this time she stayed still, “Um yes, I suppose” Molly replied not really knowing. The story has been a big hit. It has had 25,009 views so far and is the most highly rated story for the month after just four days. I can take it down but it is already being posted all over this site and others. Let me know if you want it taken down." Said the replyTom was about to have a nervous breakdown! He may have just ruined his marriage! All night he could not sleep and the next day he went to his barber for a haircut."Hi Tom!" Said the barber as he sat down"Hey, I saw your pictures of. After both had been bitten, they asked me to hold her, this I would not do, as I hope for children some day. Instead I bound her spread and allowed them to do their jobs. They think her to be a virgin, Sir.’ ‘Has she been noisy, Jorge?’ ‘Oh, Si, yes Sir. She has wished us all to the depths of the ocean and of hell too. She cannot seem to decide which is better for us, fire or water.’ He laughed heartily, and clapped my shoulder. ‘Go take care of her, Captain. I will get my sleep and be ready. I really like listening to them and I love Fiona's voice." Have they heard you sing yet, mum?" I asked. "Because if they find out that you have a beautiful voice they are going to ask you to perform in that role as well. Your contralto would be superb accompanying Fiona's Soprano in a duet." I am nervous enough young lady about playing in front of an audience, I would be terrified if they expected me to sing as well." My mum replied."Good," I said to her, "then perhaps I can blackmail you into.

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