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Now they are harder to ignore as my hope is slowly being revived. Another dream beckons....I look up and greet him as he walks through the door from w...rk. He looks well-worn and hungry. “Dinner is almost ready,” I smile as he wraps his arms around me and kisses me. Strength radiates from him and I automatically relax into his arms, feeling him do the same. “Great, I’m starving! How was your day?” He asks, bringing my hand to his lips then sitting in a chair at the table.“Mine was great. We got. I couldn't tell who was blowing cum down my throat since i had two dicks in my mouth i felt the black man stiffen up i knew he was about to blow. One of the white guy's dick started going limp and I knew he was the one who blew his load down my throat wasn't long until the Mexican was shooting his cum all in my face and hair. When I felt that black dick start blowing his nut it gushed in me and poured out of me after he took it out all i could think about was two more dicks to go. When the. “so, i take it that your date with mrs mittal is …cancelled.” “you are crazy man …everybody at the office is talking about me right now …do you think this woman or any woman for that matter, would want to be seen with me?” “i guess not.” “as a matter of fact, i met her in the corridor and she just ignored me. I seem to have lost interest in her eyes. I really regret not humping that bitch …i should really have got her to ride my cock, i guess it’s to late now.”I knew better not to pay attention. I swear he will never see the inside of my house ever again." I'm sorry," I said. "I didn't mean to stir up old wounds." No, it is alright. I don't usually think about him but when I do it makes me very angry that he would leave his family like that." Yes, I know what you mean. Hey, since Esteban doesn't feel good, I know you don't have time to cook. How about letting me fix dinner for you and the children tonight? I've got some good steaks that need someone who will appreciate them." Oh, Senor.

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