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I definitely don’t want you to end up in prison. But you can still take pictures of me in sexy clothes?”“I guess I can.”“Okay, I’ll keep m... legs closed for your pictures,” She sat closer to Claudia, arm in arm. Dan steadied his phone for several shots. At the last moment, she’d open her legs a little making sure her pussy would show.They continued their rollerblading fun and stopped at a beachfront hut for a snack and drink. Claudia and Allison weren’t bashful about relaxing their legs to allow. I wasn’t ready for it, and I was probably going to say more, something unplanned and unhelpful, but luckily I was interrupted.“John.” Aaron Burns’s hand slid into mine before I could react. Then, he was pressing my palm warmly and clasping his other hand around it. “So pleased you could make it,” the charming salesman told me, the perfect gentleman. “And...” he raised his eyebrows, glancing at McKenzie. “With such a stunning ... date?”McKenzie gripped my forearm a little harder.Aaron Burns knew. “Did you?” he asked.“Well, I was awfully turned on and I…” my voice trailed off.“Then you didn’t stop,” he surmised.“Well, no I didn’t,” I confessed.He didn’t say anything for the longest time and then he kind of changed the subject. “Princess, you should never continue with your advances when your partner asked you to stop. It doesn’t make any difference if a boy or a girl, stop means stop and you have to honor your partner’s decision,” he explained.He again paused to think of his next move. I forced my arm in which wasn’t hard after the large black man and then clenched my fist inside her – I wanted to hurt her so I punched at her insides faster and faster making her cry louder and louder until I felt myself build to the biggest orgasm I had ever had and then I felt the shame and removed my arm sobbing uncontrollably. I had hurt my best friend and had the best orgasm of my life doing it.“This is going to make us a lot of money boys – hold off until we get them to the studio and.

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